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FRICTION/MOTION (the extended version)


friction: the force that resists relative motion between two bodies in contact.
motion: an impulse or inclination of the mind or will.

story by duston todd + phillip istomin
photography duston todd
starring keely king + phillip istomin
hair, make up, wardrobe, and assistance jillyn leone and vanessa alder
car provided by olivier raunier

my many thanks to such an incredible creative team.
you turned words and ideas into a breath.

beautiful contrast

had the pleasure of photographing Megan and Evelyn recently.
they brought their doggies along with them, mother nature brought the fall colors ablaze, and i couldn’t help but run to bare negative space walls to emphasize the beauty of their visual contrast. lovely couple and portrait session.

psst. hey. pull over. i want to marry you.

“hey! i like your car! pull over!”
and so began the story of Hillary and David.
later, David would ask her another question, a question that would be answered by a wedding dress, rings, and riding in sporty bucket seats through life together.

the couple wanted me to photograph them in the woods and said nothing about a car.
i found out that this is how they met and jumped all over the cuteness with my camera.

SIMPLOSION [simplicity+explosion] FALL 2012

SIMPLOSION is a celebration and explosion of portrait photography with an emphasis on sophisticated simplicity. it is removing the unnecessary clutter and giving a bold voice to the most important element…YOU.

• $250
• 1 HOUR
• MINIMALIST STUDIO PORTRAITS. all portraits will be photographed with studio lights and on a white/grey background (similar to the image shown above).
• intimate family portraits, individual portraits, couples, babies, pets, etc.
• NO LIMIT to how many images are photographed during your hour session.
• 9 months of image proofs will be displayed online.
• (20) FINAL SELECT IMAGES in high resolution and in square format will be edited and delivered.

• DATES: Sept 29th, Oct 6th, Oct 13th, Oct 20th
• LOCATION 400 W. 350 S. directly west of pioneer park in downtown SLC.
• RESERVING YOUR SESSION is a first come first serve basis.
• ONLINE SCHEDULING. visit HERE to schedule your one hour block!

thank you for your wonderful responses and looking forward to seeing you soon!!!

– duston

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