keep it up


many of you have probably already heard, but if you have not…on monday morning i was jolted to the unpleasant news from my alarm company that there was a break in at my studio.
yup. bona fide victim of a robbery.
the thieves busted through my glass door and casually walked out with my IMAC desktop computer. i know this because the crime was caught on video surveillance. the video shows a white dodge truck/suv (probably a dodge dakota with shell) and on the side doors it has a dark diagonal pin stripe that runs from the front hub to the back window. the truck parked brazenly in front of my studio at 8am and the front passenger broke in. police are analyzing the video to obtain plates. if you are in the utah area and you see anything close to the matching description of this vehicle, please try and get plates and inform me.

so why the shack? i truly believe any actions we do in this life will determine our living in the next. this is a principle i live by, and is the result of an honest life.
if the thieves continue to rob, cheat, lie, and steal (add who knows what else)…then all i can say is keep it up. you’re building yourselves a nice lovely piss hole for the eternities.

2 thoughts on “keep it up”

  1. That REALLY bites, but I’m glad you caught at least some info on surveillance! I’ll keep a lookout for the dirtbags’ truck. Good luck in the meantime!

  2. That is just awful! I can’t believe someone would do that. I will definitely keep my eyes out for that. Hopefully they can identify the plates and you can get your computer back. That’s lame!

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