standing on their shoulders

many of you have asked what photographers of past and present have served as a source for my inspiration. the following is a list of photographers that have in one way or another inspired and helped influence my own style and work:

here is an excellent source showcasing some of my absolute favorites with really great quality images to view:
from that list i’d recommend to definitely check out (at least they’re my favorite):
ansel adams
diane arbus
richard avedon
harry callahan
andre kertesz
irving penn

here is another excellent source to study the masters ( i came across this years ago) it is a bit rudimentary in its presentation, the image examples aren’t near as good as other sources, but the list of names and accessibly is great. plus it can put you in a direction to further learn about these great photographers:
some of the names that i like from this source:

and some of my absolute favorites (and i am just FLOORED that they are not included on the sites above):
henri cartier-bresson
arnold newman
aaron siskind
elliott erwitt
philippe halsman
michael kenna
keith carter
william wegman (really, how many different ways can you photograph the same subject)
robert capa
annie leibowitz
edward curtis
mark seliger
anton corbijn
communication arts
magnum photography

…and i know i am forgetting a ton….

i’d suggest to really learn about them, and not just look at their work, but rather check out books from the library and absorb their work into your skin. learn their style and technique. this can be some of the best education you can give yourself. by doing this, you are feeding yourself with SUCCESSFUL imagery, and so when it comes time to pull something from your head on one of your own shoots – you naturally and effortlessly do it, its now a part of you, it’s in your sub conscience – and because it was a success before, it’ll be a success again…only from YOUR hand this time.
do keep in mind, these are my favorites and i identify with them. i think you’ll agree you can see a lot of their influences in my own work. i encourage you to do the same for yourself. find the masters that you identify with and stand on their shoulders. i PROMISE you, it will take your photography to a whole other level.

rockin’ it interns




i’m looking for some people that are serious about their future with photography and are wanting hands on experience as an intern. simple as that. if you’re interested, please contact me asap via email and in the subject line put “intern with duston todd”.

whats cookin? i have a TON of work crammed in my head that needs to get put on film.
the winter snow is fading, the spring birds are returning, and the sun is hangin out a little longer each day – it’s time to start moving!

(many thanks to those previous iterns faces that grace the imagery for this post)