jake garn photography workshop

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when: May 8th, 2010
where: Taylor Andrews, Layton UT
time: 1-9pm
investment: $450
class size: limited to 16 participants, only 4 spots remaining

and…i will be attending the workshop as an invited photo mentor!

Detailed instruction on using natural light, hot-lights and studio strobes
Detailed explanation of techniques and tips on posing and working with models
Jake Garn will demonstrate setting up, and shooting several different light setups
Individual shooting time with at least three experienced models in multiple light setups
High-end on-set styling by Jake Garn’s creative team (makeup, hair and wardrobe stylists)
Jake Garn’s long-time photo assistant and professional photographer Ryan Muirhead on-set for additional personal instruction and guidance
Special guest photography mentors on set for advice and feedback throughout the workshop
Dinner Included
Information Packet (includes course outline, equipment list, web resources, diagrams of lighting setups)
Business starter kit (copy of Jake Garn’s model release, copy of posing questionnaire for prospective models, copy of shoot instructions for models, copy of photography license/contract given to models
BONUS: First ever model shoot-off between Jake Garn and Ryan Muirhead. Watch two different photographers photograph two models they’ve never worked with before, then halfway through the models will switch photographers. Ryan Muirhead will be shooting in natural light, with medium format film and Jake Garn will be shooting in studio lights with full frame digital. Watch lighting, posing, and interaction techniques in action.

click here to learn more details of the workshop.

remember! there are only 4 spots left, all other workshops of his have sold out – so if you’re wanting to get a spot in this great opportunity – contact him NOW.
…and looking forward to seeing you there!












classic. the bond of brothers, as the younger pulls off the face of the patient older brother.
(series like these show the beauty and incredible tool the camera has above the other arts.)

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joel head


one roll of film.
joel was an intern for me during the recent winter months. his lovely portraits is a way for me to say thank you.

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