nostalgia: a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

INXS does this to me. yesterday i was swept away to the memories of my mother dancing on top of our 70’s orange carpet in the living room while she grooved to the vinyl record of INXS….”i need you tonight”.

Beck my most favoritist musician, has been working on a project titled record club, (a club which consists of handfuls of insanely talented musicians and such), and recently he/they have been covering some fantastic songs by INXS.
have a listen will you:
never tear us apart
devil inside
i need you tonight

beck you have raised the bar again my man.

new pricing: july1st

blog announce

after sitting with the same pricing and wedding coverage plans for way too long, we have decided to make some long overdue adjustments. as of July 1st, 2010 we will be launching new coverage options, products, and pricing.
as it has always been our goal – i’m going to continue shooting the same delicious photographs…and with these new simplified adjustments we can give you more of what you want!

“all human inventions progress from the complex to the simple and the perfection is always simplicity.” – alexander dumas, the count of monte cristo

if you’re a bride who is planning a wedding and has yet to book…i’d suggest to contact us now to take advantage of our current options.

to receive a brochure of our current coverage plans and options, please email me:

thank you!
– duston

one show one night & one month away…death portraits

death promo reszd

i am incredibly excited to announce an exhibit for a personal project i have just completed.
the project is titled “death portraits”, and it is a study of the human portrait.
i was inspired by these common questions of the photography process and the portrait:
what is conveyed in a portrait?
is it possible to show the life and character of the subject from just a 2 dimensional photograph?
what connection, relationship, and role do we as the viewers have with the portrait?

come check out my 15 studies of another kind of portrait.
one night only.
june 18th.
my studio.
400 s. 15 e. slc, ut.
mark your calendars.