t’was the buffalo


and as in uffish thought he stood,
the buffalo, with eyes of flame,
came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
and burbled as it came!

yes, no camera trickery here. that-there would be a buffalo in our camp and me shooting with my 80mm fixed lens. we were preparing dinner and were suddenly alarmed by a large dark mass moving a tree next to our table…sure enough homeboy was a buffalo.
as you can see i scrambled to grab my camera and steal away a few pics of natures entertainment, but clearly i made sure the kids, family, and i stayed behind very large pieces of furniture (picnic tables and cars.)
he walked in, through, and out of our camp like he owns the place…i’m convinced he does.

lulu the lionheart

lulu before

lulu after her lionheart transformation

we recently went out of town to yellowstone, and coincidentally ran into owners of another golden retriever who accompanied them at old faithful. at first glance i thought their dog had some funky hair disease, but as we approached them (and as it is impossible for my kids to pass a dog without petting it), we soon learned the couple had shaved/trimmed their dog’s heavy coat. the cool thing, it wasn’t just an all over trim but they intentionally left a racer stripe along it’s back. i didn’t know this, but it is quite a common practice for the heavy coat dogs to be trimmed down during the summer heat. this excited me and i was immediately inspired “i am sooo giving my dog a lion’s mane!!!”
we, on the other hand, had left our lovely lulu at home with my cousin. when we picked her up after our trip she was excited to greet us but something didn’t seem quite right, she was so tired and drooling like a raving mad man. my wife looked up on the internet (that information super highway is a mighty thing) and learned that it could very easily be a sign of heat exhaustion. our dog is mostly an indoor dog, but while we were away she was mostly outside in triple digit heat….the lion’s mane soon followed as a result of necessity and not just for my amusement. long live lulu the lionheart!!!


homage to Jonathan Canlas.
FILM IS NOT DEAD (and when it is read in the bathroom mirror DAED TON SI MLIF)

i recently visited with Jon and walked away with this nifty t-shirt as a gift. admittedly i wear it a ton and i can’t believe how many people are intrigued by what it has to say. (people are listening)

i deeply respect Jon, his work, his talent, his reservoir of knowledge that he shares, his voice, and what he is doing to give film a revival in the wedding industry. long live film. 100% film shooters for life!!!…indeed, film is not dead.
to learn more about Jon and his workshops titled “FILM IS NOT DEAD” click here.


feeling green


this shoot is round two for april and i. i shot her first portraits about 4 years ago and they were all b&w with a very dark and moody heavy contrast. she approached me for another session and said she wanted to punch it up with some color (i think you’d agree we satisfied the request quite lovely.)

beautiful michelle and her handsome rock


michelle, or as i call her shadrack, has been my sidekick a-fightin and a-sweatin the spring and summer biz as she was interning with me. it has now come time for her turn to be in front of the camera as she will be marrying her handsome rock. yes, his name is rock.
what an incredibly striking couple, makes the photos delicious.
(oh yeah, she shoots with a hassey too!)

to order prints from this session visit here.