workshop has been blessed with a name

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latest news of my upcoming workshop: along with it’s incredibly handsome good looks and best of manners at the dinner table…it has now been blessed with a name, the “own now” project.

why do i say “project” instead of workshop?
definition of the word project reads: “an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.”
and that is exactly what i intend to do with this workshop. my aim, is to help other photographer artists develop and/or refine and be inspired by their “own” style, their “own” vision, their “own” voice, and to “own” it, take confidence in it, and push it hard…and to do it “now”.
thus, the “own now” project has been born.

own now project.
one day workshop

drop me a line at to learn more about what we have cooking.

new study, new project, and needing subjects

along with my upcoming workshop that will be held in march i am also going to be part of a solo artist showing. the opener to the show will be the friday before my monday workshop (3.18.11). the date is set. the deadline has been drawn in the sand…so let the creativity begin. (if you haven’t gathered, my best work comes by pressure.) 🙂

right now i am gathering interest of subjects. subjects of all walks of life…male, female, young, old, black, white, and polka-dotted with freckles, healthy and attractive, tired and miserable, wrinkles and the sagging truth…you get the point, i want you in front of my camera.

if you, or someone you know wants to be a part of another fascinating study of the human portrait then drop me a line at and i will be happy to share more of what i have on the boiler.

sleep is the cousin to death.

workshop: SLC 3.21.11


we have exciting news to share, so get well seated, grab a pen (or your ipad) and take this info down….

we have found THE PERFECT location to kick off our opening workshop!!!
downtown salt lake city
saans photography fine art gallery and studio
173 east broadway (300 s)
salt lake city, ut 84111

the workshop date is now cut in stone.
march 21, 2011
this date opens the first days of spring and what better way to climb out of your winter hibernation, stir up your sleepy grey matter, and grab your camera to get back to work!

what do we have planned up our sleeves?
want to better tap into your creative mind? focus more on further defining your style? explore more of your artistic vision and voice? learn how to continually create, execute, and express? want to find new ways to be inspired? unplug from the norm? need a refresher of what makes you different? and want to simplify your game?
…then join us!

i have a TON of ideas, great success, and a ton of experience, and am truly looking forward to sharing it all with you!!!

who can come?
anyone who has the hunger to answer the questions above.
film, digital, plastic or cardboard camera…i don’t care. bring what you rock!

the one day workshop is $600 per attendee. (limited to 15 attendees.)
to reserve your spot we require a $300 retainer with the remaining balance due one month prior to the start date of the workshop.
the cost for the one day work shop includes breakfast, lectures, lunch, models, you and me shoots at a killer location, and a personal portfolio critique of each attendee. plus, we’re in the throes of working with different vendors to get handfuls of goodies for you!

if you are interested in attending, email me at

thanks so much and looking forward to seeing you in march!
– duston

christmas sale

holy christmas

holy smokin’ photos…holy christmas sale!!!
’tis a reminder that we are currently running a 35% off all enlargements and prints sale!!
the sale will go until december 15th and ends that evening at midnight.
visit to find your event, place your orders, and stuff some savings back in that stocking!

*as long as your orders are placed during the sale dates, we will have your order in your hands before christmas.

happy holidays!
much love!
– duston

upcoming workshop!!


the wheels have been turning…
and it has come time for us to announce our very first and exciting workshop!!!

when? tentative dates are set for the month of march (mark your calendars).
where? right now we are in the process of talking with vendors to determine a venue, but we do know it will be held locally to the utah wasatch area.
who? anyone that wears a heart of passion for photography and a thirst for dipping into my well of creativity. (yes, that means digital and film photogs)

we are incredibly excited. this is something we have wanted to do for a very long time and the right door has opened! more details to follow…