upcoming workshop!!


the wheels have been turning…
and it has come time for us to announce our very first and exciting workshop!!!

when? tentative dates are set for the month of march (mark your calendars).
where? right now we are in the process of talking with vendors to determine a venue, but we do know it will be held locally to the utah wasatch area.
who? anyone that wears a heart of passion for photography and a thirst for dipping into my well of creativity. (yes, that means digital and film photogs)

we are incredibly excited. this is something we have wanted to do for a very long time and the right door has opened! more details to follow…

3 thoughts on “upcoming workshop!!”

  1. Hey i would really like more info on workshops my hubby loves photography he does excellent work needs help with people and candid shots tho bad he has won awards for his nature pics tho do u have a price quote or anything in mind? we real poor and i would love to set him up for xmas hit me up threw facebook melissa monger lucero thanx thanx and help help

    1. MIssy, the workshop fee is yet to be determined.
      i know it’ll be a one day workshop, but i have yet to find the venue and vendors and before i throw any numbers out i want to have a better concrete idea of the total investment i will be working with.
      because it is the end of the year and people like you are thinking holidays and end of year tax right offs, i will definitely have a number figure posted for all of you (real soon).

      thanks for your interest and i will follow up soon!!

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