sleep is the cousin to death

sarah, portrait #5. taken at 7:02am

as many of you may recall, i recently covered an intriguing project of the human portrait which was entitled “death portraits“. this project was a study of the connection of the soul and the body of an individual. what is communicated if we try to remove that vital element we call life, that “spark of life” pulled away from the eyes, what remains? this simply started as a question and developed into truly one of the most personal experiences i have encountered through my own art.

and now i am excited to share with you my next project and companion to the death portraits…sleep is the cousin to death.

this series of portraits are taken IMMEDIATELY after the subjects have crawled out of their bed.
why? i am fascinated by what we choose to expose to the world and what it is that we choose to hide behind. i am fascinated with portraits that remove the masks we hold, open our vulnerability, and thus find common ground amongst one another. i am also intrigued to study the details of the portrait and see what subtleties take shape and transform the contours of the face, the texture of the hair, the involuntary personalities and characteristics that have been molded and come to life from a nights sleep.
where death portraits was a study of the removal of life, this is now a study of the coming back to life.

this blog post has two purposes, so listen up…
a) to announce the opening to the “sleep is the cousin to death” exhibit. opening date of the exhibit will be march 18th, 2011 and will hang the entire month of march.
come join us and see the sleep is the cousin to death portrait series as well as the death portraits (dual show).
b) those that attend my “own now” workshop will have first access to invaluable learning experiences as they are welcome to join me as i photograph the current “sleep…” portrait series. this workshop is a one day workshop where i will be lecturing on how to find your voice and vision by following the creative process. what better way than to walk the walk? are you questioning if a one day workshop is not enough time? – then take advantage of the opportunity and join me on some one-on-one shoots. the time is yours and it is now.
want to learn more about the workshop? visit the own now website.

looking forward to seeing you in march!

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