sleep is the cousin to death

“to die: to sleep;
no more; and by a sleep to say we end‚
the heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks‚ that flesh is heir to.
to die, to sleep;
to sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub;
for in that sleep of death what dreams may come”

to cover myself with the earth
to descend deeper into the dark
to close the final curtain on the day
and wade into a faceless sea
to fall
to fly
to sleep

whose hand cradles us, molds us, transforms us,
into the strange creatures we become in the morning?
who cuts the creases, punches the swollen, sucks the dry of us?
who mashes the hair, works it’s fingers, pulls at it like smoke, spinning and turning,
cutting it like jagged teeth, or glueing it like spider’s silk?
whose breath blows a stench into our mouths? a kiss of death.
who ties our limbs, pulls on them awkwardly like a marionette puppet?
who covers our eyelids to sew them shut, our active eyes that remain shut, eyes that are burning underneath and have elephants sitting on the tops of them?
who paints on our mind, steals it, sucks it down, spits it out, pushes it, laughs at it, comforts it, speaks to it, haunts it, opens it, loves it?

it is sleep, the cousin to death.

sleep is the cousin to death is a study of the hand of sleep.
how it plays with us throughout the night and transforms us to the morning creatures we are.
to study the subtleties; the fragile marks that fade off the skin as it is met by the morning light.
the hair, and all it’s forms, shapes, textures, and personalities.
the eyes, as they drag life back into them, eyes that slowly blow life into the glowing embers from yesterday, a fire that is only snuffed by death.
we awake.
it is a new day, and our cousin has left us.
this is the portrait and the moment that i chose to photograph.

this is the study of the coming back to life…and more.
i chose for this project to focus on women only. i am fascinated by what we as a society choose to expose to the world and what it is we choose to hide behind. portraits of women in the morning perhaps help us remove the masks we hold, open our venerability, and thus find common ground amongst one another.
all the portraits from this series were taken immediately after the subjects have crawled out of bed after a full nights sleep. unlike the death portraits (my previous portrait series) where i meticulously controlled ever detail – the portraits of these women are authentic expressions and without my control, my focus being to record the transformation from sleep to life as accurately as i could.

in order of appearance:
sarah, jaime, ruby, kate, meghan, ashley, katy, sam, kerissa, and megan.
a very heart felt thank you to you all.
without you and your participation, my art, and therefore myself, would not exist.

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