portrait of an artist: thomas aaron

Thomas Aaron, a long time friend, artist comrade, and past college peer, recently had contacted me to take his portrait…i was flattered. i have always deeply respected Tom’s work, his perspective, his ability to express and explore, and his inhuman ability to grace any form by his touch.
Tom recently was accepted as a member artist of the New American Paintings, and the images i created for him are to be used as part of his portrait that accompanies his stunning art. keep your ear to the ground for when the publication featuring his artwork will be available to the public.
portraits were taken in his studio in downtown slc.


getting real.
facing myself, my real reflection.
tearing down my walls.

this is my chest. this is my heart. and it is open. it is open to the licks of life’s salty tongue.
this is truth at its vulnerable core.
this is life changing.
this is empowering.

so what moves me to create such an image?
i have been shaken by several forces. i have realized i need to change. this is my journey to healing and understanding. perhaps through my art will come the answers.
not typical of my other work? i know.
recently watching “water for elephants”, a line in the movie is stated that life is “nothing but talent and illusion”. i have consciously known for years i have nearly perfected this thought. take my website as an example, what does it speak to you? order, reason, balance, harmony, cleanliness?…i can tell you my life, as well as all others is never this ideal. life is chaotic, it gets messy, it is cold, it punches you when you’re asleep. (yes, for professionalism sake i will continue to offer plate fulls of healthy portions of talent and all mixed with illusions)…but briefly i share with you a doorway. this image is about getting real, honesty, and opening up. “to know thyself”. “this above all; to thine own self be true.” …”own now”.

i sincerely thank those in my life that embrace me for who i am.
i thank those that help me to be a better person, a better husband, a better father, a better friend.
also, i sincerely thank Mark Andersen of Andersen Studios for seeing my potential, opening a doorway, providing all the toys necessary to bring heart, mind, and work together (yes, the fake blood is even at my fingertips whenever i need it.) a very sincere thank you again….now, i got this image out, time to get back to work, and shoot some lighter material. 🙂
lastly, many thanks to Matt McDaniel for racing to the studio to help me whip this image out, very much appreciated.