end of 2011 ki11er deal!

listen up!!!
this is the first deal of this magnitude that duston todd photography has ever launched. 2011 has been an incredibly growing and learning year for many of us, (personal workshops and solo artist gallery showings, flexing some serious creative muscles, and worldwide economic and natural disasters to name a few), and in the spirit of all this we are launching one hell of a killer deal!*

*if you have been waiting and holding out for THAT one opportunity…now is the time. 😉

to learn more about the end of 2011 killer price deals on family sessions and weddings, contact duston ASAP!
email: duston(at)dustontodd(dot)com
phone: 801.635.6071

new site :: box on fire

box on fire is a look inside my head.
it is a collection of my concepts, themes, people, places, and things.
it has polite manners and bathes regularly. it is straight forward without all the flowery foo-foo and it knows how to speak it’s mind…in this box the images speak for themselves.
a box thinking, a box talking, a box burning, it’s a box on fire.