own now 2012 in the works

yes! it’s true! back by popular demand! (enter shiny loud sticker)

the time has come for another own now workshop!!!

in response to many of you expressing interest in the own now workshop, i am excited to announce that we are in the throws of planning another one!
when and where?
that depends on you. when would be more beneficial to you? would a workshop around the time of WPPI and Vegas work best economically (since you’ll already be there)? or would you like to wait until it warms up and see something that UTAH has to offer (desert, great salt lake, etc.)?
at this point i am making a call out, to gather a head count, and then i will make a decision based on the popular vote. perhaps we can do both…speak up! drop me a line and let me know: duston(at)dustontodd(dot)com.
this workshop was born out of the frustation of too much imitation. so many people have jumped on the ever-accessible-photography-train and are spraying photos without real personal content. do you want to separate yourself from the masses? do you want people to immediately be able to identify/recognize your work? are you in the searches of knowing who you are and what makes you photograph what you do? own now is a workshop that focuses on these questions, and more importantly it will give you the answers you need to propel the combination of your artwork and life forward. i have many goals with the material from the workshop, but one of them is that this workshop creates artists for lifetime, that art and life become intwined and inseparable, and not just a current trend that is sold on the camera shelves.
to learn more of the outlined content and material to the workshop please visit here.
(you of course.)
another goal with the own now workshop is to create a family of like-minded photographers and artists, all sharing the same own now vision: to own who we are and own it now. the stronger each individual becomes, the greater our photographer community becomes.
and perhaps most importantly, the how and why?
it all starts with desire. desire is the “why”. if you have the desire to push yourself further, to reach inside and find your creative guts and let them take wings. if you desire to make your work more personal and therefore meaningful…then the own now workshop will show you the “how”.
own who you are now.

visit the own now site for more information.