keep it simple

cold war :: janelle manoe

this video of Janelle Manoe is a beautiful example of simplicity screaming volumes.
no matter how many firework explosions, and guitarists hanging from red rock cliffs…nothing will ever compare to the subtle and intoxicating power of the soul.
this video, how it was shot, the perfect simple concept, the beauty and emotion, the flaws, the honesty and authenticity…one of the best i have ever seen.

also, some of my favorite videos along the same theme:

andy warhol :: Ann, the girl who cried a tear

new order :: round and round

lesson: keep it simple.


kids from the hood

just doing some test shots and grabbed the kids from the ‘hood.

from top to bottom:
ava, 4 yrs old
alanna, 8 yrs old
paige, 4 yrs old
emma, 7 yrs old
colton, 7 yrs old
(yes, the first portrait is of my daughter. yes, she totally rocked the pose herself. yes, she does have another hand. and yes, i do love this image.)

i dreamed a dream

last night i dreamt of petting a giant blue octopus (my favorite creature). i was in complete awe and thrilled and calm at the experience, so much so that i let him gently gnaw on my finger with his beak.
i am one who believes dreams can speak to us. this is what i have learned about mine:
[when dreaming of an octopus] Busy-ness, multitasking, going in many directions at once, approaching a problem from many different angles. You have a brilliant intelligence, many ideas simultaneously, a rich imagination, a hunger for life, and the capacity to take in and synthesize huge amounts of information.

i am in the depths of studying and educating myself, of focusing my motivations and inspirations and energies and seeing them brought to life through hard work…this dream and definition couldn’t be more fitting and encouraging.

join me on just one of these tentacles and reap the benefits. hope to see you at the OWN NOW workshop in May.