psst. hey. pull over. i want to marry you.

“hey! i like your car! pull over!”
and so began the story of Hillary and David.
later, David would ask her another question, a question that would be answered by a wedding dress, rings, and riding in sporty bucket seats through life together.

the couple wanted me to photograph them in the woods and said nothing about a car.
i found out that this is how they met and jumped all over the cuteness with my camera.

when it all comes together


this is just one of those incredible shoots when everything comes together, the sun, the light, the colors, the stunning couple…unfortunately everything came together literally seconds before Michelle had to jump into the car to make it to the location shoot. she told me her mom was snipping pieces of string as she is racing towards the door – yes, her mom made this dress…incredible… Michelle said her mom stayed up the night before until 5am sewing, that throughout the day of the shoot they were stressing whether the dress would be done in time and even considered intentionally pulling Michelle’s hair to one side to cover up a missing shoulder.

…oh, what i am ignorant to. i sit behind a camera and appreciate, i throw daggers of inspiration called fractions of time…but i never know the stressful days, hours, minutes, and literally seconds that my brides are fighting to get ready to stand in front of my camera.
michelle, my former intern, might i say what an incredible pleasure it has been to work along side you with my own shoots – and now having you in front of my lens as it has become your turn to get married – it has been incredibly flattering, rewarding, and thrilling.

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