new site :: box on fire
box on fire is a look inside my head.
it is a collection of my concepts, themes, people, places, and things.
it has polite manners and bathes regularly. it is straight forward without all the flowery foo-foo and it knows how to speak it’s mind…in this box the images speak for themselves.
a box thinking, a box talking, a box burning, it’s a box on fire.


wading out in knee deep flooded grasslands, setting up fold-out tables to create islands to hold gear and props, murky water with bugs everywhere…and these are the images as a result. many thanks Brooklyn for toughing it out.
model: brooklyn ashy
assistant: stephen phung

snakes and bunnies

the difference of cats and dogs…my daughters are as different as bunnies and snakes, and not just in looks but in personalities – the animals they hold are an incredible reflection of that.

many thanks to rockstar pets in tooele, utah for letting us work with these amazing creatures.
thanks to my gorgeous daughters for providing the talent.
and thanks to ashlee brooke carroll for assisting.