SIMPLOSION [simplicity+explosion] FALL 2012

SIMPLOSION is a celebration and explosion of portrait photography with an emphasis on sophisticated simplicity. it is removing the unnecessary clutter and giving a bold voice to the most important element…YOU.

• $250
• 1 HOUR
• MINIMALIST STUDIO PORTRAITS. all portraits will be photographed with studio lights and on a white/grey background (similar to the image shown above).
• intimate family portraits, individual portraits, couples, babies, pets, etc.
• NO LIMIT to how many images are photographed during your hour session.
• 9 months of image proofs will be displayed online.
• (20) FINAL SELECT IMAGES in high resolution and in square format will be edited and delivered.

• DATES: Sept 29th, Oct 6th, Oct 13th, Oct 20th
• LOCATION 400 W. 350 S. directly west of pioneer park in downtown SLC.
• RESERVING YOUR SESSION is a first come first serve basis.
• ONLINE SCHEDULING. visit HERE to schedule your one hour block!

thank you for your wonderful responses and looking forward to seeing you soon!!!

– duston

follow me :: box on fire

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a letter to my cousin heather.

remember how we grew up living next to each other?
and to get to your house you’d go down a big hill and up another big hill?
and remember how i gave you my scooter that had a flat tire?
and you crashed at the bottom of the hill?
and we yelled at you and made you walk home with the scooter alone?
and then remember how we later found out that you broke your arm?
yeah, that was funny.

(love you cuz.)

and heather’s unexpected reply minutes later…
“Oh I rememeber far more than that!! I remember the scooter with not one but TWO flat tires! I also remember the scooter with NO brakes and when I informed you I couldn’t stop you told me to put my foot down to slow it down, which I did!! Do you remember how sparks flew off my shoe, cuz I was traveling at the speed of light? I remember you and David yelling at me for crashing your and possibly scratching your scooter and walking it up all by myself with a “hurt” arm… but what I really remember, and you don’t, because you weren’t there is how your mom freaked out when she saw my arm and rushed me to the Hospital. She ran a lot of red lights and swore A LOT!! She yelled at the staff for not getting me in fast enough and probably swore a lot again. Then I remember her holding my hand while I got a REALLY painful shot and wiping away my tear and telling me how brave I was. Then I remember her telling me how painful the splint was going to be, I appreciated, yet hated her honesty at that point, but she held my hand the entire time and kept telling me how brave I was and how proud of me she was… 25 years later and your moms still looks after me !!
Please excuse the typos, my vision was blurred by tears recounting your mothers love!”

…lesson to be learned?
watch out for digging up past memories. they can smack you upside the head and humble you real quick.
(love you mom and miss you terribly.)

a sword by itself rules nothing

beautiful artwork by jungshan ink

‎a sword by itself rules nothing. it only comes alive in skilled hands.
– crouching tiger hidden dragon

we do not take photos with our cameras but with our hearts and our minds.
– arnold newman

with so much talk swirling around us of the latest releases from Canon and Nikon, and with my own enthusiastic shift and transition as i enter the digital photography world, acquiring new equipment and tools… i am thankful and humbled to remember it is the mind and heart behind that camera that truly matter.


new friend

i blink with my eye
burning after images
a box is on fire

i found a new friend today.
he hasn’t told me his name.
he’s rather square in shape and in his belly lie objects that look like glossy eyeballs.
he blinks a lot.
mechanical blinks.
electronic blinks.
sexy blinks.


keep it simple

cold war :: janelle manoe

this video of Janelle Manoe is a beautiful example of simplicity screaming volumes.
no matter how many firework explosions, and guitarists hanging from red rock cliffs…nothing will ever compare to the subtle and intoxicating power of the soul.
this video, how it was shot, the perfect simple concept, the beauty and emotion, the flaws, the honesty and authenticity…one of the best i have ever seen.

also, some of my favorite videos along the same theme:

andy warhol :: Ann, the girl who cried a tear

new order :: round and round

lesson: keep it simple.


featured and interviewed

…and then something good floated this way.

looking for inspiration?
are you challenged by that blurred line of following and seeking inspiration in others work and yet finding your own voice in the same process?
here’s an interview that digs into my approach, my technique, my process, my inspiration turned to action and seeing it through, and my heart written on a photograph.

Many thanks to Wendy of Let the Kids Dress Themselves for providing the feature and interview today.

[framed] about self

this past weekend i had the pleasure to sit and chat with Melissa Niu, the lovely host of [FRAMED] and the their saturday’s show titled [F]RAME YOUR BEST SHOT.

a little about [F]RAME YOUR BEST SHOT…each week the followers of the show are able to hear from different photographers, learn of who they are, see their work, munch on some healthy Q&A, and all with the hopes that these personalities are incredibly dapper, entertaining, and maybe even inspiring.
the fun part to following the show is it challenges the viewers by assigning a new theme each week for the viewers to photograph. these themes steam from the photographer of that particular episode so it’s a great opportunity to soak in the soup that they deliver and then grab your camera and get to work. once the viewers have their winning shot from their homework they can then submit their work for a chance to win nifty cool prizes! the upcoming show will then spotlight a new photographer and that photographer may possibly review the entries and choose the final 3 winners…quite fun if you asked me.

week 13’s topic to photograph: self
it is a challenge to all to sit back and look within. set down the camera for a second and think about who you are, where you come from, what makes you tick, what moves you, what do you hope for, what haunts you, what do you love, what do you question…”our personal growth can fuel our photography and our photography can fuel our personal growth” – brooks jensen.
learn more about yourself and photograph it. photograph this weeks topic, self.

about the [F]RAME YOUR BEST SHOT contest:

1. Grab your camera, and give us your best photographic interpretation of “SELF”. Be creative, have fun, and think outside the box.

2. Upload your chosen “SELF” shot to our [FRAMED] Facebook Page. ( Go to the wall and upload your photo.

3. Once you’ve uploaded your photo, viewers can vote by clicking “like” on your photo to cast their vote for you to win. Photos with the most votes will be put into the top finalists Friday morning. The winner will then be picked and judged by a group of [FRAMED] photographers for quality, creativity, and composition. If you don’t want to participate this week, be sure to add your valued opinion and vote for your favorite!

Good luck! Winner’s name and photo will receive the credit it deserves and will be shown on next week’s [F]RAME YOUR BEST SHOT episode!

click here to share the url link to [F]RAME YOUR BEST SHOT: Week 13 Duston Todd

end of 2011 ki11er deal!

listen up!!!
this is the first deal of this magnitude that duston todd photography has ever launched. 2011 has been an incredibly growing and learning year for many of us, (personal workshops and solo artist gallery showings, flexing some serious creative muscles, and worldwide economic and natural disasters to name a few), and in the spirit of all this we are launching one hell of a killer deal!*

*if you have been waiting and holding out for THAT one opportunity…now is the time. 😉

to learn more about the end of 2011 killer price deals on family sessions and weddings, contact duston ASAP!
email: duston(at)dustontodd(dot)com
phone: 801.635.6071