i dreamed a dream

last night i dreamt of petting a giant blue octopus (my favorite creature). i was in complete awe and thrilled and calm at the experience, so much so that i let him gently gnaw on my finger with his beak.
i am one who believes dreams can speak to us. this is what i have learned about mine:
[when dreaming of an octopus] Busy-ness, multitasking, going in many directions at once, approaching a problem from many different angles. You have a brilliant intelligence, many ideas simultaneously, a rich imagination, a hunger for life, and the capacity to take in and synthesize huge amounts of information.

i am in the depths of studying and educating myself, of focusing my motivations and inspirations and energies and seeing them brought to life through hard work…this dream and definition couldn’t be more fitting and encouraging.

join me on just one of these tentacles and reap the benefits. hope to see you at the OWN NOW workshop in May.


own now concrete :: may, 20-21st 2012

join me as i begin the Own Now Romance for 2012!
see the passion!
hear the mechanical sparks!
make your heart go pitter-pat!

when? Sunday May 20th and Monday May 21st.
where? downtown SLC and Bonneville Salt Flats
investment? $1100.
who? limited to 12 attendees. quality not quantity.
(it’s important to know that this workshop has returned due to popular demand…space will be limited and it will fill up.)
what? lunch, dinner, breakfast, and lunch. “own now” coffee table book. “own now” workbook. shooting on location at salt flats. shooting on location off the beaten path. models provided. a personal portfolio review. and membership to an exclusive own now forum. (and other throw-ins as sponsors are provided.)

sunday May 20th
lunch and meet & greet at the own now venue (a working artist’s studio).
lecture, “the soup” (all the good stuff we get to absorb, consume, inhale, be inspired by, mind opening, third eye growing (you get it). topics include: ‘own now’= know thyself, desire, disconnect, ordinary people, inspiration, and questions.)
board the OWN NOW RV (yes you read that right) and relocate ourselves to the incredibly unique Utah Bonneville Salt Flats!
dinner, and spread your wings on site.
shoot! crack out your cameras to shoot some funkdafied models as the sun lowers.

monday May 21st
breakfast and recap
lecture, “the sweat” (the work, the blood the sweat the tears, the dark hour, the love of it. etc.
topics include: action, work, craft, less is more, and q&a.)
shoot! relocate for final shoot on location…a down-to-earth natural setting with a model couples.

the last own now was a great success. i received nothing but high remarks from the past attendees, and if there was any negative feedback (as i was asking them to be brutally honest) the only mark that came was to extend the shooting time…and thats what i have done.
this time around you can plan for more increased shooting time and more added breathable material to the lectures, with more time for one-on-one and group instructions at the shoots on location! BOOM!!!

if you are interested in attending, email me at duston(at)dustontodd(dot)com and i will send you more information on how to secure your spot.

i send a sincere thank you. this workshop is about and for YOU and would be nothing without it. find who you are, and own it now.


OWN NOW WORKSHOP :: SLC :: 5.21.12*

all you photo heads…mark your calendars!!!

the date is set, i have all my materials in hand, grey matter is primed, and my heart is out there…now i just need to chomp through some really cool ideas and logistics…i will keep you informed as my concepts become solidified.
*originally this workshop was designed as a one day workshop, per requests i am planning to evolve it into a 2 day workshop. (so just plan the other day to be on the 20th or 22nd.)

learn more about the past own now workshop details/materials/mission here.


own now 2012 in the works

yes! it’s true! back by popular demand! (enter shiny loud sticker)

the time has come for another own now workshop!!!

in response to many of you expressing interest in the own now workshop, i am excited to announce that we are in the throws of planning another one!
when and where?
that depends on you. when would be more beneficial to you? would a workshop around the time of WPPI and Vegas work best economically (since you’ll already be there)? or would you like to wait until it warms up and see something that UTAH has to offer (desert, great salt lake, etc.)?
at this point i am making a call out, to gather a head count, and then i will make a decision based on the popular vote. perhaps we can do both…speak up! drop me a line and let me know: duston(at)dustontodd(dot)com.
this workshop was born out of the frustation of too much imitation. so many people have jumped on the ever-accessible-photography-train and are spraying photos without real personal content. do you want to separate yourself from the masses? do you want people to immediately be able to identify/recognize your work? are you in the searches of knowing who you are and what makes you photograph what you do? own now is a workshop that focuses on these questions, and more importantly it will give you the answers you need to propel the combination of your artwork and life forward. i have many goals with the material from the workshop, but one of them is that this workshop creates artists for lifetime, that art and life become intwined and inseparable, and not just a current trend that is sold on the camera shelves.
to learn more of the outlined content and material to the workshop please visit here.
(you of course.)
another goal with the own now workshop is to create a family of like-minded photographers and artists, all sharing the same own now vision: to own who we are and own it now. the stronger each individual becomes, the greater our photographer community becomes.
and perhaps most importantly, the how and why?
it all starts with desire. desire is the “why”. if you have the desire to push yourself further, to reach inside and find your creative guts and let them take wings. if you desire to make your work more personal and therefore meaningful…then the own now workshop will show you the “how”.
own who you are now.

visit the own now site for more information.

own now individual in studio shoot

many thanks to Katy Seppi for patiently modeling as we wrapped her in a cocoon of yarn.
this shoot illustrates well my closing portion of the workshop lectures “less is more”. with simple elements bold statements can be made. through constriction and constraint we force ourselves to create.
“all these no’s force me to the yes.” – richard avedon

and many thanks to Tiffany Anderson for rocking as an assitant throughout the shoots and day.
learn more about the workshop by visiting here.
and more to come!

and this above all: to thine own self be true

Screen shot 2010-12-29 at 1.37.52 AM

own now workshop
= 100% awesomeness

we’ll be talking the soup, talking the sweat, and draw outside the lines.
we’ll hold a camera to our eye, but photograph from the heart.
many thanks to the souls who have joined me in this quest – being true to who they are, making their work more personal and therefore meaningful, and are ready to do it now.
own now.

the soup and the sweat: own now body of work

this workshop was inspired by others who are confident in expressing their voices, knowing who they are, where they have come from, and where they are going.
it is my goal, my ambitions, my motivation, and my blood sweat and tears to help you catch the same vision, to part the seas of mediocrity as you challenge yourself and this world by shouting your voice as loudly as you can. there is only one you, it’s time that you owned it.

this workshop will be broken down to 3 major parts: 1) morning lecture 2) after lunch lecture 3) shooting on location. AKA feel good, get grounded, get running.
the lectures have been blessed with a name and a purpose: the soup and the sweat

the soup will consist of the morning lecture. all the good stuff we get to absorb, consume, inhale, be inspired by, mind opening, third eye growing (you get it).
topics include: know thyself, desire, disconnect, ordinary people, inspiration, and questions.
the sweat will be the later lecture. this is how we take all that feel goods and make it applicable. the work, the blood the sweat the tears, the dark hour, the love of it. etc.
topics include: action, work, craft, less is more (and oh there is plenty much more) 🙂

after the lectures we’ll be shooting on location in the typical duston todd stylee.
i encourage you to learn as much as you can at this hands on opportunity. i am an open book and no holds barred. though there are many workshops that have the approach of “come see how to be me” i have not been interested in this method in the slightest – however, i do know there is value in watching and learning from another, and this is that chance.
the time will then be yours to take the same challenges, work with the models in your own fashion and bring much of what we have talked about to life.

need a refresher on the details to the workshop?
own now project
173 east broadway (300 s)
salt lake city, ut 84111
one day only

the one day workshop is $600 per attendee. (limited to 15 attendees.) the cost for the one day work shop includes breakfast, lectures, lunch, models, you and me shoots on location, and a personal portfolio critique of each attendee. plus, we have an exclusive online forum that can really help cement friendships amongst attendees – even before the workshop takes place.

if you are interested in attending, email me at duston@redfoxwedding.com
thanks so much and looking forward to seeing you!